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Time Warp - a Diagnosis

Frankly today is the first day I've been able to think clearly; however, I
think I've figured out the time/date difference I'm seeing on the list's
messages.  I have the folder for Looper's Delight sorted by date received,
latest at the beginning.  The problem shows itself with "Controlling
Repeater by MIDI... a BUG?", as follows:

Kim Flint               9-19-01    9.34
Barry M                9-19-01    8.25
Brett L Maraldo     9-19-01    7.03
Brett L Maraldo     9-19-01    7.00
Per Boysen           9-19-01    2.47
Mark Sottilaro       9-19-01    1.48

While this order is shown in the order received, it's Per Boysen's message
that begins the thread.  Since I synchronize my PC's clock to the US Naval
Observatory's Atomic Clock every day, I'm fairly sure it's not me that has 
time-setting problem.

If you need something software-wise for this it's available for free; just
go to http://download.cnet.com and do a search in either PC or Mac areas 
"Atomic Clock".

Stephen Goodman
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