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Re: Controlling Repeater by MIDI... a BUG?

correction: my second paragraph should read '...GDF amazing...'      >:=+

>>Could be that I'm expecting it to behave like my JamMan, and it plain and
>>simply does not.  Perhaps I'll start finding new ways to loop with this 
>>and grow used to it.  Electrix folk seem to have disappeared from this 
>>They've gone silent from their forum as well.  It's a bit frustrating, 
>>expected.  I didn't think that level of attention could go on too long.
>i stated with a tape echoplex back in the 'good old days' and 
>migrated to a jamman which i used only in a live situation because, 
>well, it was meant for that. then i sold the jamman to buy a EDP but 
>i found out about the RPT and held off. I am glad I did!
>The RPT, despite it's bugs, is DGF amazing! The thing oozes with the 
>passion of the people that envisioned, designed and manufactured it. 
>can't you tell??
>they'll get it right. give them a chance. this thing rocks. relax 
>into it. have some fun with it and I am sure a lot of the problems 
>will be fixed with the next OS.
>what is damon and the electrix gang supposed to do to make you 
>happy??? just because they don't post for a few days doesn't mean 
>they are hiding something. give them a break. if it wasn't for them 
>you'd be using some old clunky piece of archaic (but granted, 
>functional) hardware.
>with the Repeater, we have the future to look forward to.
>well, electrix, thats the best i can do for you. it's up to you now. 
>you really need to get that OS update working very very very well 
>and out asap.