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Re: Controlling Repeater by MIDI... a BUG?

>Could be that I'm expecting it to behave like my JamMan, and it plain and
>simply does not.  Perhaps I'll start finding new ways to loop with this 
>and grow used to it.  Electrix folk seem to have disappeared from this 
>They've gone silent from their forum as well.  It's a bit frustrating, but
>expected.  I didn't think that level of attention could go on too long.

i stated with a tape echoplex back in the 'good old days' and 
migrated to a jamman which i used only in a live situation because, 
well, it was meant for that. then i sold the jamman to buy a EDP but 
i found out about the RPT and held off. I am glad I did!

The RPT, despite it's bugs, is DGF amazing! The thing oozes with the 
passion of the people that envisioned, designed and manufactured it. 
can't you tell??

they'll get it right. give them a chance. this thing rocks. relax 
into it. have some fun with it and I am sure a lot of the problems 
will be fixed with the next OS.

what is damon and the electrix gang supposed to do to make you 
happy??? just because they don't post for a few days doesn't mean 
they are hiding something. give them a break. if it wasn't for them 
you'd be using some old clunky piece of archaic (but granted, 
functional) hardware.

with the Repeater, we have the future to look forward to.

well, electrix, thats the best i can do for you. it's up to you now. 
you really need to get that OS update working very very very well and 
out asap.