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MoFx part 1

hi all,

recently acquired an electrix mofx off ebay.  right now its routed 
before the jamman, but it's getting midi sync from the jamman.  this 
is working out cool because as soon as i close a loop on the jammie, 
the mofx is getting a tempo to sync to.  i do a lot of ambient 
soundbeds with the jamman, and knowing the tempo of them, or when the 
loop is coming around again has always been a bit of a problem unless 
a drum machine was hooked up.  not a problem now, since i can get a 
tempo off the speed of the delay or tremelo from the mofx.  plus, if 
i want to open up the jamman for overdubs, i can add in synched 
delays, flange or tremeloes.

...me like.

i was wondering if any of you who have a mofx notice a sound quality 
change when the delay is engaged.  it seems very subtle, but a 
noticeable change happens to the 'dry' signal when you engage the 
delay (right now the mofx is set for 'thru' since i'm running into it 
direct).  it even seems to change when the delay 'mix' knob is all 
the way down.  anybody else notice this with their units?