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MoFx part 2

me again,

i am currently using a Rolls MidiWizard to control my jamman.  and i 
(finally) got the pedal programmed so the controlling switches are 
laid out how i want them, rather than dancing all over the place. 
thanks to luca for pointers on that from a few months ago...

now, i'd like to control the mofx from the same pedal board.  on the 
Rolls, i can map program changes to different channels, but the mofx 
seems to implement a lot of 0-63=off and 64-127=on type commands on 
specific control numbers.  The Rolls doesn't seem to be sophisticated 
enough to do this (am i correct here?).

yep, kim, you're right....i need a better midi pedal....but....this 
is what i gots for the moment.

so, my question is: which currently manufactured midi pedal will 
allow me to have switches that will turn parameters of the mofx (or 
other units....like Repeater, perhaps) on and off with these 
controller commands.

I won't be searching for a pmc-10.  Will the Yamaha MFC-10 do this? 
I'm pretty sure the Rocktron All Access will, but that one seems the 
priciest of the bunch.

Anybody have a specific midi pedal hooked up to a MoFx?