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Re: OT: drum machine / groovebox

I use a combination of a Roland MC-307, Ensonic TS-10 or often at home 
I'll be controlling either or both with Metro 5 from Calkwalk with a 
Macintosh G4.  I bought the 307 mainly for live gigs, as it's small and 
has knobs for realtime tweaking.

On Monday, October 1, 2001, at 05:27 AM, Raul Bonell wrote:

> hi there !
>       i was wondering which
>       drum machine / groovebox
>       are you using in combination
>       with your realtime loopage
>       in your live set up.
>       does anybody sync. xuccesfully
>       with the 'plex some of these units
>       yamaha rmx1
>       yamaha an200
>       yamaha dx200
>       korg er-1
>       jomox xbase09
>       any recommendations ?
> thanks in advance !
> ral.
> El Cau De La Figa Reial
> http://www.dragonet.es/users/d3055/rb