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Echoplex Memory and loop storage; also Pro Looping Gigs

My feeling is that the loss of sound quality you get from recording the 
from the analog out of the EDP into whatever is minimal--the appeal of the
Repeater is probably accessibility.  It looked pretty cool . . .  I'm into
having loops stored but also recognize that the EDP does what it does
extraordinarily well.   EDP into the Repeater sounds like the best of both
worlds.  Which leads to my next thread reply--pro gigs.  I am going back to
San Diego after hanging here in LA for 9 months, and if there is anybody
here making the majority of their income from looping, I'd like to hear
about it before I leave next week.  In SD I had two jobs (out of hundreds 
gigs a year) in the last few years which were "loop jobs".  The first was a
background music job at Loew's in Coronado and the second a job at a hotel
downtown where I forgot (!) my sequencer--this experience is in the
archives--search for "baptism by fire".
I am currently not seeking music jobs due to the relocation and how busy 
business I started with my sweetheart is keeping me, but should start 
to "play out" upon relocation to SD.  You know--the real work is booking
gigs and promotion; "we get to play."