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Re: two minds

-----Original Message-----
From: David Myers <dmgraph@earthlink.net>

>It has become clear, following this list over years, that loopers seem to 
>of two minds.  The Acid guys and the EDP guys are really two completely
>separate camps.

I see it more as a division by activity.  There's live performance looping 
hardware that can be done anywhere and there's studio-only looping using
software (which can't?? be done in performance).  People can choose to do 
the other, both, camping, running, golfing...  they're just activities and 
aren't limited to only one.

>Those of us on "Kim's side" can't understand the desire to
>save a loop; a never-changing loop just isn't the living thing that an
>evolving loop is.  I equate the static loop with MIDI music, which is a
>spitting out of notes and sounds on command.  Not to discredit that
>approach, but I feel that it's a very different animal.

What I'd like to be able to do is sync the following: sequencers in a Nord
Modular, arpeggiators, wave sequences, audio loopers, analog sequencers,
whatever, in a performance situation.  BTW, MIDI music isn't required to be
static and usually isn't.  Yes, the notes are the same with each repeat.  
the envelopes and filters and whatever else a patch has are usually 
tweeked in
real time to add interest and morph the feel.  Not to mention that some
sequencers are playable in real time with notes, number of steps (loop 
and direction (forwards/backwards) being controlled.

>Not looking to
>start a holy war here, but there is a very strict division between these
>mindsets, and I think we should recognize this.  Could it actually call 
>two separate lists?

I think that kind of separation would reduce the synergy of cross 
that we currently enjoy here.


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