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Re: COMPUTER PLUGINS for LOOP PROCESSING: a proposed new thread

Gareth, where are these available and are they Mac or PC?  Sorry if this 
somehow mentioned earlier, my email is totally screwed and I'm sure I'm
missing something...

Don't know if anyone has mentioned Cycling 74's Pluggo--I rely on it
heavily.  Nearly a hundred wacked out effects for $74.  My recent favorite
is Native Instruments' Spektral Delay, which does processing in the
frequency domain and is producing some unimaginable transformations which
I've never been able to get before.  Around $130 as I remember, and very
well worth it.  SD is for both Mac and PC I think.

David Lee Myers

on 10/2/01 12:12 PM, whiteoakstudios at whiteoakstudios@supanet.com wrote:

> Hi Rick,
> Here are a few of my faves:
> Q-deloiser - 30 second delay with filtering on feedback, reverse, and 
> flop, (forward then reverse) delays plus multiply , divide functions.
> SC baby sampler allowing you to sample on the fly, change your loop 
> speed, direction etc.
> Ohm boyz delay - 4 delays with distortion and filtering in the feedback
> paths and morphing between patches.
> Vreorder which cuts your sample into up to 16 piees and rearranges them 
> any order in any direction with the ability to assign volumes, pan and
> crossfade times to each - confusing !!
> There are more but if you want a list , email me off list.
> These are all free incidentally apart form the 10 dollar Ohmboyz one.
> Gareth