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Re: stereo delay

At 07:44 AM 10/9/2001, Eric Williamson wrote:
> >jammans, or use two of the new line 6 echo pros, or use two tc 
>no, you couldn't
>remember ...

well, he did have the EDP on that list too, and of course you can sync 
multiple EDP's together with the BrotherSync, which is sample accurate.

>good luck. my money's on the 'peater OS upgrade.

I'm fairly certain Electrix already said they would not be fixing this 
"Record directly into Overdub" issue in the upgrade. Repeater also has a 
problem of an annoying bump at the startpoint of the loop even when you 
just overdub a sustained sound across that point, say starting at beat 3 
and through to beat 2 over the downbeat. It's a little pop right on the 
downbeat. I think that is what the original poster was talking about. I 
don't think they've commented on whether they will be fixing that.


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