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Re: stereo delay

>> Can someone reconcile these?  Is Line 6 fibbing on their website about 
>> Echo Pro?  Is it only delay time on the traditional delays that can 
>lock to
>> MIDI clock, or can the looper do it to?

i believe they are totally fibbing .... i was told directly and without 
that they do not feel that the number of people who would want sync on 
loop time
did not justify the programming expense. that the looper was "just for 
fun" and
that there was "no reason" for it to have ANY SYNCABILITY WHATSOEVER!!!

it took me weeks to get someone on the phone to talk about this, and this
anticlimactic display of carelessness was rather frustrating at the time.

sharp contrast to the flint/grob/electrix way of things, innit?  i might be
buying a repeater as soon as i get the money from this Hammond organ sale, 
it would be a 'plex if gibson would ever give kim and matthias some real
hardware and r&d budget for their product.

Eric Williamson