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expert modified the A/D signal chain

andreas said

>I had both my G-Force and the EDP modified in the A/D
>signal chain by an expert tech last year and they are much better now,
>clearer sounding and better dynamics for shure. He didn't promote this to
>me, only offered this after I kept complaining.

I think we talked about this privately, but you did not mention who 
did that and how.
It seems like magic or cheating: How can anyone simply improve such 
elaborated stuff? For the EDP I could explain it with my own 
stupidity, but t.c. high end units??

>...he worked on the analog side of the
>signal path both on the input and output. He has a copyright on this (you
>can buy it here as a pretty expensive stand alone, the 'Effects 

Is that on the net somewhere? What copyright... a patent? So its public?
Can you describe what the improvement sounds like?

>Of course the easiest way is to get a decent mixer and run everything 
>from the effects through that.

you mean one 'Effects Legalizer' would improve the whole studio?

>You just can't use compression, filters,
>pitch and other 'destructive' effects that way.

what does it do to those effects then? I may not understand this 

Thank you for all this shocking interesting information!

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org