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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V01 #599

> >The Jamman sounds great!  The highs are rolled off a bit but who 
> >told you it sounds horrible?
> Who told?
> 1 - the comparison between the original signal and the looped one. 
> I'm talking about dynamic range more than high frequencies.
> 2 - the noise added to the loop as you have to increase the output 
> level to balance it with the original one.
> 3 - the comparison between the D-Two output and the jamMan's one.
> 4 - the comparison between the 2290 output and the jamMan's one.
> Don't know about EDP and Repeater signal quality, but technical infos 
> seems that it's better than JM.
> Don't worry anyway, i still love my JMs, just wondering if it's 
> improvable.
> How much is the EDP retail price anyway?
> Doei
> Faisal

Hi Doei,
I am with you totally. The 2290 is the best sounding unit I have ever used 
(it's long sold, sniff) and tc is not holding up the standard in their 
newer stuff IMO. I had both my G-Force and the EDP modified in the A/D 
signal chain by an expert tech last year and they are much better now, 
clearer sounding and better dynamics for shure. He didn't promote this to 
me, only offered this after I kept complaining.