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Re: dl-4 left button malfunction >> Tap tempo delay

>>> AaroneousAG@aol.com 10/10/01 10:06AM >>>
> So, I wonder if anyone has any recommendations.  1. Can the switch be 
>fixed?  2. What is the real programming deal with the unit  3. What delay 
>PEDALS that sound even remotely alright offer realtime control of delay 
>time with either a tap or sync (I know Big Briar has a pedal control on 
>the Moog analog delay, but $600 is a tad steep)  Battery option is mucho 
>importante (I busk, camp, jam with drum circles, and generally like to 
>play far away from things like electrical outlets) . . . Thanks in 
>advance for your answers, and to tap into this very knowledgeable if 
>slightly schizophrenic brain trust     Anyone? aaroneous

The Boss DD5 is a decent sounding *small* pedal, which has a footswitch 
jack for input of tap times via an FS-5U footswitch or other momentary 
facsimilie. It has all the usual division ratios... 1/8 notes; 1/4 notes; 
1/8 note triplets; dotted 1/8 notes. Just a basic delay with good tap 
tempo capability. It also has spill-over when toggled off so the delays 
decay gracefully. Also has a goofy backward mode and hold mode, both of 
which are marginally useful, but hey... it's a reliable, simple delay. I 
have my plex for looping...