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Re: Repeater & EDP: Ideas for synergy

>you can also change the 8th/cycle while the loop is running.
>Thus the Repeater would adapt to any multiple of the speed of the EDP.
>In the upgrade we quantize this clock speed change to loop end on
>order to maintain the sync of beat one.

Actually I am pretty sure that the EDP->Repeater syncing problems that 
and I were having, were a result of my "8th/cycle adjustment ineptitude" 
rather than some problem with the EDP or Repeater itself.

I've noticed in my own repeater/EDP experimentation that if I set up 
8th/cycle ahead of time and am careful to record a correct length loop 
on my 8th/cycle setup on the EDP, then the repeater syncs perfectly.  If I 
try to set up the EDP loop first then change the 8th/cycle, I run into all 
kinds of repeater sync problems!


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