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Re: Repeater & EDP: Ideas for synergy

>i haven't tried this myself, but it does sound like a problem with the 
>maybe it can't handle too radical a change in tempo on the midi clock?

This is quite possible.  Check out this example:

start an EDP loop at 60bpm and sync the repeater
change the 8th/cycle to twice as many (doubling the tempo to 120bpm)
The repeater ramps up in speed, even going past 120bpm before settling 
I think this is because it gets behind, so it has to go to 130bpm to catch 
up, then back down to 120.

Now imagine if I try to speed up the repeater to nearly its limit. It 
try to "overshoot" to catch up, but it can't catch up because that would 
over the limit.  So it might say "too fast" even if the tempo was 
theoretically within the limit.  Just a theory.

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