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Re: Re:(Sync)

The slaved drum machine seems to follow the Repeater (with the new OS)
exactly if you've recorded music, but if you've actually recorded the drum
loop, you realize it's slightly off (and repeats exactly the same way).
Perhaps that's just midi?   But when the Repeater is slaved to the machine
it's even further off, quite wacky.  For that matter, the built-in 
also seems to do odd things in relation to the drum machine, which just
doesn't make sense to me.  The drum machine is a DR-770, so it should be
dead on....but i'll try to get hold of another drum machine to check it 

> I dont have a Repeater to test this, and I wonder. Some say its syncs
> dead on, Mark said the drums was perfect but the EDP was off... I
> dont know, and I wonder... probably depends strongly on the OS
> version...
> I just know that a slaved drum follows the EDP pretty exactly.
> All three units have some artefacts when they are slaved (I wrote a
> longer mail about the limitations of MIDI to drive audio correctly).
> As I heard the JamMan clicks are stronger than the EDP clicks and
> Repeater probably does not produce clicks but other artefacts that
> come from time stretching, which hardly can be "dead on"...