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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

on 11/17/01 11:26 AM, Chris Muir at cbm@well.com wrote:

> This is one of my pet peeves, as well. The first use of the classic
> two Revox tape recorder technique that I know of is by Terry Riley.
> He called it his "Time Lag Accumulator". People who think that Fripp
> innovated much tech here should check out "Poppy Nogood and the
> Phantom Band", from the 1969 release "A Rainbow in Curved Air". All
> the techniques of "Frippertronics" are there. Naming something does
> not grant ownership. Eno has been more forthcoming than Fripp on his
> debt to Terry Riley for this technique.
> I'm not a Crimson/Fripp/Eno basher, in fact rather a fan of sorts. It
> does bother me though, that they are perceived as creating this
> ambient and tape delay stuff out of thin air.
> Chris
hey my 1st looper box was called"fripp in a box"!
it was/is the (in)famous <EH-16 SEC.DELAY>
I know fripp was usin one at the time(early 80s) but i wonder what he
thought about the use of his name in that selling point phrase?