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Re: GIGGING as a looper questions...

>I am curious to hear from all you loopers who gig with your looping

Well, I consider myself pretty fortunate as I actually make a living doing 
solo bass/looping shows.  Of course, I need to supplement that, sometimes 
meager, amount with sessions, side-man gigs, teaching etc. but, 
100% of my income is generated thru music.  I am not starving, I own my on 
house...so I think I am doing pretty well.
One thing about doing this (the solo/looping shows)...you cannot be lazy 
about things.  I find that when I slip, and let things slide abit, well, 
everything suffers.  This is much more demanding than working for someone 
else.  The thing about "doing it all yourself" is that you really MUST do 
all yourself.  You need to be entrepeneurial.  Often times creating gigs, 
which may or may not pay (and then, may only pay very little) just to get 
some exposure on the chance it could blossom into something a little more 
financially rewarding.
I get gigs everywhere I can...coffee shops, bars, art galleries, 
even local crafts fairs and such.  Being versatlie, stylistically, helps, 
does have a range of "accessible" music, in addition to some more 
challenging stuff (ambient, "soundscapes" etc. always work well in art 
galleries).  I have done commissions for dance troupes.  I have rec'd both 
teaching and Artist In Residence grants which provide me with both outlets 
and resources for shows.
It is a lot of work, and I suppose a bit of luck, making this all work.  
you are bound to run into some walls.

>I live in Montana so the music scene is tough to get clubs to even hire 
>music (especially original)
especially, methinks, in Montana.  But, I don't live in an area of Calif. 
which is especially a cultural Mecca...so it can be done.  JUst go and 
create your "market" and create the neccessity of your gigs.

>I want to know the average set length and how many sets per performance 
geez...this varies alot.  From 30min to hours long/multi set shows

>I am personally looking forward to non-rehersed improvisation on my bass 
>my EDPs... usually solo but occasionally adding drums/electronic drums / 
>or percussion ... and possibly an occasional vocalist.
Sounds great...Good luck...just go for it.  Chances are where you are not 
too many people have been exposed to this kind of thing, but that does not 
neccessarily mean they won't be recpetive to it.  Just do it!  Even if you 
have to do one or two shows for free...
As for the $$....I began working VERY cheaply. From free shows to doing it 
just for tips at restaurants and coffee houses (which is very good 
btw).  Now I can, sometimes, make what a band might pull for a show...or 
sometimes even more! Avg. about $200 for a 45min-1hour set, but I have 
lucky enough to make $1000 for a 30min set! (altho not very often, there). 
You have to gauge things according to the draw, the market, and what a 
venue/client might be willing to pay.  And remember when you first start 
doing this, nobody knows you...so don't expect much!
If you are truely driven to do it...then great!  Good luck...make it 
find other like-minded musicians
to share a bill...create a gig (or two or three or more)....
...and let us know how it is working out.
Hope this helps a bit....

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