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Re: Finding Local looping performances

Title: Re: Finding Local looping performances
on 1/2/02 12:28 AM, blue wolf at blueman9@hotmail.com wrote:

Hi All,

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Does anyone know of any performances happening useing looping techonology?


Blue Wolf

Oddly enough, though there are a lot of Loopers in the Bay area, it seems like loop shows are fairly infrequent.  I think we're too busy trying to make enough money to pay our insanely high rent to find the time.  Probably that, and a hostile venue situation.  I probably shouldn't gripe to much, as I've not tried too hard to play live.  I'm having success just working in my home studio and putting up mp3s on the internet.  A lot less gear moving.  Actually, that's a big part of why I don't try and play out a lot.  My gear has become too complex and it's a hassle to move.  Anyone else have this problem? (I'm sure you do!)  What I've done to help it to have a "lite" rig.  Guitar, Korg AX30G, Digitech Space Station, JamMan, Amp.  I've taken it to a friend's studio and it seemed to work well, though I did miss my Repeater and other gear.  As Steven Wright said, "Can't have everything.  Where would you put it?"

Mark Sottilaro

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