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Re: Finding Local looping performances

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Does anyone know of
any performances happening useing looping techonology?

Similer to Mark,I've created a "Lite Rig" But,because my main interest
these days is playing with other people it is my "only rig" I run my
echoplex from a Raven Labs APD-1(thanks Max and Steve) where I can split
or blend the signal into either effects engine of my Eventide Eclipse.
2-1/2 rack spaces,3 volume pedals and everything in a soft rack bag !!!

I'll be playing with Land of the Blind http://www.landoftheblind.com
Feb 1 at the Starry Plough,opening for Tempest.Our singer/visionary
Cyoakha also loops at times.(boss loop station)