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Re: midi foot controller for complex set up

> In reading the Behringer 1010 manual on line, i can't seem to tell if it
>  allows sending messages on different channels or if it's anywhere near
>  sophisticated enough to handle all this. 

yeah, it's not at all to work this out without trying the device itself

This is what I get from the manual.
As you read this, note that Behringer have their own specific use for the 
term "function" 

Yes, it does different channels (according to sectio 2.2 of the manual) .

But only on a per function basis.

There are 10 functions
-5 PG changes
-2 CC values
-2 Controller Numbers for the 2 Pedals
- only one Note On

Each preset can send up to (all) 10 functions when the switch is pressed.
...but you can't program Channel No. for each switch.

e.g. the first PG change (function) is always on the same channel.

you can only send notes on one Channel

the expression pedals can access different CCs but you have to program 
Globally to change the Channel.

If this is right ( and I've been wrong on many occaisions)
then the Behringer unit is no good for you.
(wont even let you changed the program on each string without global 

...and I don't have any good suggestions for you ,
the Yamaha MFC-10 sends any 4 messages on any 4 channels (per switch)
so you'd have to press more than one switch for a change of setup.
and it has enough latency to put most people off using to tap in loops.

anyone else know more ???

andy butler