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Re: Electrix no show at NAMM, Jamman Upgrades and more

>Gosh, I hope it is not a bad sign that Electrix will not be showing at 
>That is a big mistake in marketing, if you ask me.   I hope they are doing
>o.k. financially!!!

agree and disagree here...

imo, if electrix cannot justify the expense of the show with more 
sales, then it's just financially silly to go.  trade shows in all 
kinds of industries are suffering this same problem.  Companies are 
finding more effective and innovative ways of reaching their target 
markets rather than spending the cash for the trade show.


last year electrix showed their new baby, which was only partially 
functional.  and they missed their release date.  by that time, a lot 
of ads and mail order catalogs had the unit being shown, but if you 
called, you couldn't get it.  since us loopheads will often follow a 
product until we can get our grubby little hands on it, we know about 
the repeater.  but how many potential buyers who showed mild 
interest, but lost track of it after the initial ad releases will 
have forgotten about it completely now?  especially since they won't 
get reminded at Namm with a fully functional unit hitting them square 
in the forehead?

"OH!!!! yeah!  that was that cool machine they were developing last 
year!  i forgot about it!  let's check it out and see if it lives up 
to the hype!"

best of luck electrix.  i've had a chance to play with your machine, 
and i think it will fit my playing/composition style extremely well. 
i'm looking forward to buying one late spring/early summer.

please stick around to keep making/supporting this baby, eh?