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Re: NAMM meeting 16sec.

hey i never been to namm(dont know anybody that would let or want me<to>
go...) but since you will be at EH booth could somebody get some solid
hearsay about <16sec.delay> being re-released. there is so much rumour and
innuendo concerning this unit and  i have lusted after this box since
i'd really like to get the lowdown.thanx

> It sounded like there were some people only going Friday, and some only
> going Saturday. Probably more saturday, so let's make that the main 
> day. Make the time 1:00, since noon is too crazy. The "minimalist"
> Electro-Harmonix booth will be convenient and easy to spot others in, so
> let's meet there. Got that? Saturday, 1:00, Electro-Harmonix.
> If you are only there Friday, I'll stop by Electro-Harmonix at 1:00 that
> day too and we can have a mini-meeting. Anybody else around that day 
>stop by.
> kim