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Re: NAMM meeting 16sec.

I asked Mike Matthews about it either last year or the year before. They 
were working on it, although it sounded like a complicated revision of the 
original idea rather than simply recreating it. (a difficult thing since 
key components used were discontinued a long long time ago.)  But if I 
remember the conversation right there were a lot of problems in getting it 
done, culminating in some sort of dispute with the designer and the 
was dropped. It really really didn't sound like he had any plans to start 
it up again. I'm not expecting to find one in their lone display case this 


At 11:49 PM 1/13/2002, Stan Card wrote:
>hey i never been to namm(dont know anybody that would let or want me<to>
>go...) but since you will be at EH booth could somebody get some solid
>hearsay about <16sec.delay> being re-released. there is so much rumour and
>innuendo concerning this unit and  i have lusted after this box since
>i'd really like to get the lowdown.thanx

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