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At 07:59 PM 1/14/2002, Pedro Felix wrote:
>click on parameters to the Keys setting, click the Insert button until it
>reads REV. Then hold the parameters button down. That parameter has now 
>changed. Now after recording a loop. hit the insert button. cool it's in
>reverse. Now do a long press of the Insert button. Now you get an 
>amount of space added to the loop.
>hey all, just checked this on a more simple setting and I was wrong. It 
>not add time to the loop.
>BUT, it clears and puts in whatever new info you would want to place in 

Long press on the insert button drops you into the Replace function. We 
didn't know what else to do with the long press on Insert, so this seemed 
like a good nugget to put there.

Replace is also available as another insert mode if you just want that 
function and don't want to deal with the long presses. I love replace, 
personally, especially doing quick stabs on it to string together collages 
of discontinuous stuff in real-time.


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