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Re: more swedish music

>At 11:15 PM 1/19/02 -0500, just john wrote:
>>Hey, that's [<http://www.thirdhandcapo.com>] pretty cool!  How quickly 
>>one set which strings are capoed?
>I don't have one (yet), but it appears you just remove the capo (typical
>elastic type) and rotate the sleeve pieces. (The hole is off-center.)

Ah.  Somewhat slower than I'd hoped -- I was thinking a beat or two so that
one could kinda enforce chord changes -- but then, I hadn't even
contemplated such a silly maneuver until I'd seen a description of the

But I'll wait to hear it first hand.

Hey, imagine the headaches trying to talk about overhearing somebody
mentioning somebody else looking for a previously-owned one of these.

"I have it third-hand that he's looking for a second-hand Thirdhand, but on
the other hand ...."
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