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RE: tap tempo to midi clock ???????

> but that still does not solve the problem of getting tap FROM the the 
>  Drum Machine to a non midi device like the Vortex.

Basically it can't be done, (not that well, anyway) 
OK , you can get a delay effect to sound in time by tapping in
but you can't get that device to sync a loop to MIDI .

MIDI timing isn't that accurate , and though you can tap in continuously
you can't restart (resync) the loop on the tap time device so it will 

Of course if you're not trying to sync a loop like this then it's probably 

(but then why not just tap in the time with your foot?)

Someone mentioned Matthias' circuit for connecting EDP to Vortex.

find it in here, fully documented on a page that has been checked over by 
man himself   

 <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/soundfnr/vortex.htm">Lexicon Vortex 

andy butler