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Oh Boy... that madness we call NAMM... a splendid time was guaranteed for 
all!  Personally the highlight of the whole show wa the LD convention at 
EH booth. And then getting to meet and hand out with dt/sc was really a 
too!  Really was good to see and meet these faces whose posts have been 
greeting me each morning (Gary, Richard, Andre, Hans et al).  I must say I 
am loving Andre's CD on EDP loops! Really great stuff!

>Also, I've been listening to a preview copy of Loop lister Max Valentino's
>solo Bass looping CD:   Great work Max!!!  I love the piece JAM KARET,
>played with prepared bass!  Can't wait to hear the whole thing.
Thanks Rick!
I second (or third?) the recommendation of LIVE..very cool!
Also, on dt's recommedation I checked out "radial" a looping program form 
cycling '74....very, very cool!
...and maybe the biggest kick (and suprise!) was going to the Godin 
room and finding my picture gracing the pages of their new 2002 products 
catalog.....look, Ma, I AM somebody!!!

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