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Looked on cycling74 site for 'radial' but found nothing...  Can you throw 
a line?  Uh... Link?

B est,


On 1/21/02 3:45 PM, "max valentino" <ekstasis1@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Oh Boy... that madness we call NAMM... a splendid time was guaranteed for
> all!  Personally the highlight of the whole show wa the LD convention at 
> EH booth. And then getting to meet and hand out with dt/sc was really a 
> too!  Really was good to see and meet these faces whose posts have been
> greeting me each morning (Gary, Richard, Andre, Hans et al).  I must say 
> am loving Andre's CD on EDP loops! Really great stuff!
>> Also, I've been listening to a preview copy of Loop lister Max 
>> solo Bass looping CD:   Great work Max!!!  I love the piece JAM KARET,
>> played with prepared bass!  Can't wait to hear the whole thing.
> Thanks Rick!
> I second (or third?) the recommendation of LIVE..very cool!
> Also, on dt's recommedation I checked out "radial" a looping program form
> cycling '74....very, very cool!
> ...and maybe the biggest kick (and suprise!) was going to the Godin 
> room and finding my picture gracing the pages of their new 2002 products
> catalog.....look, Ma, I AM somebody!!!
> Max
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