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From: William Mcallister wrote:

<Well next week is the big week for me. I'll be purchasing an EDP or a
<MREPEATER. And I dont know which one to get.  I'll be using it for live
<situations mostly. And a EDP for $649.00 at alto music is'nt bad. Can
<anyone help persuade me into which one I really want. I'm Confused.
<thanx, Bill

I'm trying to convince myself to acquire a Repeater to accompany my EDP
(hey, it's good enuff for Torn).  The only reason I can see someone might
want to have an EDP instead of a Repeater is that with the RPTR you can't 
directly into overdub out of record.  That is a big boo boo, IMHO.  There's
lots of other pros and cons left to weigh, but that one thing is enough to
make me think a Repeater could lead to the sort of frustration I 
with a Jamman.  I never get frustrated by the EDP, and there's an upgrade
due this year that will just make it better.
Can't just get both, huh?