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is it important to save the loops you do?  how about having
4 tracks per loop and really long loop time?  Stereo? That sounds like
Repeater territory.

I don't have an EDP, nor have i used one,  but it  seems like the
tool to get if you want to drop right into "record" after closing
your loop... my impression is that the EDP is great for dynamic, flowing,
ever-changing loop stuff... many folks say as a live looper it is the

i really dig "queuing" loops on my Repeater... using midi to alter
track levels, or feedback, or totally deconstructing the loop via a
shift.  Also I can capture percussion samples (i.e. stuff from the Sonic
website) on a CF Card and spend the afternoon playing with drum tracks.

stereo loops are great, and one of my main motivators to get the repeater,

but now i find that i usually just record mono loops... who would have

so what kinds of things do you envision doing with a looper?  Identify
YOUR vision, and it should lead you to the proper tool. (whoa, heavy!)


William Mcallister wrote:

> Well next week is the big week for me. I'll be purchasing an EDP or a
> REPEATER. And I dont know which one to get.  I'll be using it for live
> situations mostly. And a EDP for $649.00 at alto music is'nt bad. Can
> anyone help persuade me into which one I really want. I'm Confused.
> thanx, Bill