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I'm similarly looking for someone to persuade me one way or another though
I'm in a slightly different situation. I have one EDP. The question for me
is: If I want a stereo looper do I get a second EDP (while I can) or do I
get a Repeater?

The pros and cons that I'm aware of that apply for anyone are:

* Reportedly the EDP is better for loop construction and other live looping
games. It's feature set certainly seems better suited to this.

* The EDP can go straight into overdub.

* The Repeater has 4 loops -- though they all have to be the same length.

* The Repeater has it's own effects loop that can come before, after, or
applied to any of the loops. I think (Repeater owners please check me on
this), that it's smart about resampling a loop through the effects.

* Electrix build quality feels better than the build quality on the
Echoplex. (I've got a MoFX and it just feels amazingly solid.) That being
said, I haven't had any actually problems with my Echoplex.

* The Repeater can save loops. (I've saved loops from my Echoplex to my
SP-808 but it isn't exactly straightforward on either end.)

* Tempo and pitch shift on the Repeater.

I guess my big question for people who have both an EDP and a Repeater is
are you happy or would you now have preferred 2 EDPs?


P.S. My dream loopers:

Repeater hardware and connectivity with EDP software.

- or -

The SP-808 with a live looping oriented OS. If it kept the effects section
but reworked the recording and playback around the notion of live loop
recording, playback, and modification, it could be a really sweet machine.