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I'd vote for the Repeater for someone just starting to use a looping 
It's easier to learn how to use than the EDP, IMHO. The Repeater
documentation is also written more clearly than the EDP's.

I think the Repeater controls are more intuitive and better labeled than 
EDP's rather archaic button/light construct (although that 'chasing' tempo
light drives me nuts).

True, as someone else noted, the EDP's standard pedal is much better than
the 'base' Digitech FS300 configuration that many use with the Repeater. 
Repeater needs a MIDI pedal even to bump loops up and down, so, eventually,
one must get a MIDI pedal to control the thing.

The sound quality of both units is fairly similar to my ears. They both
sound very good.

One major plus of the Repeater is the ability to save loops on a CFC card.
It takes me a while to build a song with drums, bass, percussion, 
Sometimes I run out of time (and inspiration) to then jam over the whole
mess. Being able to save the work-in-progress for another day is a real
godsend to this horse.

Paul - the 'Butch Band'
----- Original Message -----
From: "Mark Hamburg" <mark_hamburg@baymoon.com>
To: "Looper's Delight" <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 6:43 PM
Subject: Re: EDP or REPEATER?

> I'm similarly looking for someone to persuade me one way or another 
> I'm in a slightly different situation. I have one EDP. The question for 
> is: If I want a stereo looper do I get a second EDP (while I can) or do I
> get a Repeater?
> The pros and cons that I'm aware of that apply for anyone are:
> * Reportedly the EDP is better for loop construction and other live
> games. It's feature set certainly seems better suited to this.
> * The EDP can go straight into overdub.
> * The Repeater has 4 loops -- though they all have to be the same length.
> * The Repeater has it's own effects loop that can come before, after, or
> applied to any of the loops. I think (Repeater owners please check me on
> this), that it's smart about resampling a loop through the effects.
> * Electrix build quality feels better than the build quality on the
> Echoplex. (I've got a MoFX and it just feels amazingly solid.) That being
> said, I haven't had any actually problems with my Echoplex.
> * The Repeater can save loops. (I've saved loops from my Echoplex to my
> SP-808 but it isn't exactly straightforward on either end.)
> * Tempo and pitch shift on the Repeater.
> I guess my big question for people who have both an EDP and a Repeater is
> are you happy or would you now have preferred 2 EDPs?
> Mark
> P.S. My dream loopers:
> Repeater hardware and connectivity with EDP software.
> - or -
> The SP-808 with a live looping oriented OS. If it kept the effects 
> but reworked the recording and playback around the notion of live loop
> recording, playback, and modification, it could be a really sweet