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I had the possibility to play around a bit with both before buying and I
picked the EDP because of the "go directly to overdub" feature. I want to
use it improvising, sometimes in front of an audience, and need a smooth 
intuitive  performance (=EDP) more than I need all that other stuff you can
get out of the RPTR with some knob tweaking. Ok, I'm a musician - if I were
a DJ I would definitely go with the RPTR.

However, six months later I managed to put money aside for a RPTR as well
and having both is a brilliant combo IMO. I see the RPTR as an fx processor
while you tend to work the EDP more like an instrument.

Per Boysen

> Well next week is the big week for me. I'll be purchasing an EDP or a
> REPEATER. And I dont know which one to get.  I'll be using it for live
> situations mostly. And a EDP for $649.00 at alto music is'nt bad. Can
> anyone help persuade me into which one I really want. I'm Confused.
> thanx, Bill