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>Well next week is the big week for me. I'll be purchasing an EDP or a
>REPEATER. And I dont know which one to get.  I'll be using it for live
>situations mostly. And a EDP for $649.00 at alto music is'nt bad. Can
>anyone help persuade me into which one I really want. I'm Confused.
>thanx, Bill

It is a hard decision.  There are days that I really wished I could 
define a loop length by inputting amount of beats counted from MIDI 
clock (Like the EDP and JamMan) and the instant overdub, sure would 
be swell.

On the other hand, not a day goes by when I've got the vortex in the 
Repeater's stereo effects loop, and my loop is bouncing all over the 
place while what I'm playing isn't being effected at all (by what's 
in the loop) and then I raise it up a 5th, then down an octave by 
pressing a key on a midi keyboard, that I REALLY love this little 

My loop style has changed since my JamMan days, that is for sure.  It 
wasn't totally easy at first, but it's really starting to become 
second nature to me now.  I found that pre making blank loops that 
correspond to drum sequence loops, works fine.  I really don't see it 
as much of a limitation.  I don't always work this way either, only 
when I want a relatively seamless loop.