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EDP plays live reverse using the PMC-10

Here's an approach to the live reverse thing that I programmed tonight--see
if this is new to anybody but me.
I'm using the PMC-10 MIDI pedal to control the Echoplex, and I have been
using a momentary setting with string A double multiplying and string B
double recording (I pretty much have quantize on all the time), thus 
as a "set the loop" switch.  This works well for changing the time
signature--swell for turning 4 into 3, 8 into 7, bla bla bla--
I also have a pedal setting for "reverse now"--again something pretty 
with quantize off and insert on rev, but I don't have mine set up that way,
so it's a parameter punch, then undo.
Well, I combined them, and then ran the feedback to 0.  Now, if I have a
blank loop, I can play something and have it play back reversed one time 
more, with feedback higher, but I find it more effective if it doesn't
repeat--kinda like Andre's Loopfeste opener).  Again, for those of you with
the right MIDI pedal, that's:
Multiply on string A (when you press down), and record, parameter, undo
(when you release).  This assumes you have quantize off.