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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V02 #35

> > Andy
> >  I was able to replicate morphing putting two algorithms together in
> >  same patch and X-
fading between them. Now, I know Vortex claims that 
> >  morphing is different from X-
fade but I'm not sure if it does one or 
> >  the other. I would think it does more X-fade than real morphing.
> Italo
> Vortex does more than just X-
fade, all the parameters gradually changing from 
> one algo to the other. This works for the same algo in A & B, allowing
> depth and speed of vibrato to both change smoothly.
(which would be easy on 
> the orville).
> (although I notice that the Vortex cheats on filter frequencies, and d
oes do 
> an X-fade even when morphing to the same algo) 
> It also morphs smoothly between different algos, in which case some pa
> will head off to a "hidden" value (which I think is always either 1 or
> Morphing echoes is not like an X-
fade, as the audio that is looping is 
> transfered from one algo to another. again this happens when the echo 
algo is 
> the same with just different times, or if changing between very differ
> echo algos.
> So what happens during a Morph can be much more complex than an X-
> and indeed the sounds/textures produced certainly can benefit from thi
> (although there's little hint of this in the factory presets)
> Of course the advantage of the Vortex is that you can work out any 2 s
> that you like , then have the (almost) instant gratification of morphi
> between them.
> (without having to spend hours of programming)
> So as yet , nothing compares to a Vortex:-)
> Mind you , if I had an Orville.
> andy

like nothing compares to Orville!!!