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Re: recording

Ihave done a lot of analogue audio digitizing with my macs, first 
using the built in audio and then with an audiowerk card. i can tell 
you that the built in audio (audio in and out) are very very good so 
you can use the stock audio path.

you need an application that will record audio from the input jacks. 
something like soundedit, logic audio, peak, etc etc.

all you do is from the sound control panel select the audio input as 
IN, plug in the sources (your edp) and then hit record in the app and 
play on the source. when the audio is done hit stop and you should 
have an audio file of the audio you just recorded. so a save as... 
and save it as an AIFF and that's it.


>hi all,
>     i have a question about how to record on my MAC G4. i have never done
>much recording, but i wanted to be able to dump a loop from my EDP onto my
>G4 as a keepsake. what would be an affordable way to get sound from a 
>like my echoplex or a stereo preamp (with 1/4" or mic outs) into my 
>what would be an affordable way to edit that sound once i got it onto my
>sorry if my questions are basic.