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Re: EDP vs Repeater

paulrichard10@attbi.com wrote:

> > ...One major plus of the Repeater is the ability to
> save loops on a CFC card.
> >
> > It takes me a while to build a song with drums, bass,
> > percussion, keyboards.
> > Sometimes I run out of time (and inspiration) to then
> > jam over the whole
> > mess. Being able to save the work-in-progress for
> >another day is a real
> > godsend to this horse.
> <i wonder how many of us don't already own some sort of
> <multi-track recording
> <device? i.e., when i wanna save a loop, i just press
> <record :-)
> True to some extent. However, if you have several loops
> that are, perhaps, more oriented to a traditional song
> structure (i.e. chorus, verse, et al), then it takes
> time to record the whole song (e.g. play the chorus for
> n number of measures, play the verse for n number of
> measures...).


why couldn't you simply "do it in the box" and then fly it over to the
recorder? seems like this would give you more options rather than fewer,
as you could then augment with more loopage and tracks after that...just
a thought...