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Re: EDP vs Repeater

Well...the basic song structure is just a framework for guitar (and other
instrument at times) improvisation. Why improvise leads on the repeater? I
can set up a song structure with bass/drums/maybe keys and record it in any
kind of incarnation I desire (the longer the better so I can self-indulge).

Better to my mind to record leads on recording device (i.e. Cubase, Roland
VS) 'cause I can use virtual tracks or multitrack several guitar leads, 



> paulrichard10@attbi.com wrote:
> > > ...One major plus of the Repeater is the ability to
> > save loops on a CFC card.
> > >
> > > It takes me a while to build a song with drums, bass,
> > > percussion, keyboards.
> > > Sometimes I run out of time (and inspiration) to then
> > > jam over the whole
> > > mess. Being able to save the work-in-progress for
> > >another day is a real
> > > godsend to this horse.
> >
> > <i wonder how many of us don't already own some sort of
> > <multi-track recording
> > <device? i.e., when i wanna save a loop, i just press
> > <record :-)
> >
> > True to some extent. However, if you have several loops
> > that are, perhaps, more oriented to a traditional song
> > structure (i.e. chorus, verse, et al), then it takes
> > time to record the whole song (e.g. play the chorus for
> > n number of measures, play the verse for n number of
> > measures...).
> hmm
> why couldn't you simply "do it in the box" and then fly it over to the
> recorder? seems like this would give you more options rather than fewer,
> as you could then augment with more loopage and tracks after that...just
> a thought...