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Ableton Live a sEriOuS contender!

I've been playing with Ableton Live all weekend and all I can say is
WOW!  I've never ever used software that is so intuitive equally for
live use or for composing.  Actually, the irony is that I can see using
this tool as much for composing and multitracking & dropping cubase 5.0
in favor of this tool's quick composing.  The one feature that still has
me knocked flat on my backside is the ability toflawlessly change time
signatures and tempos of my loops.  Pretty f#%$ing amazing!  Look out as
that 4/4 groove becomes a 6/8 waltz or a 5/4 mind f#$%! all without
tedious time consuming resampling and production through ancillary
software tools.  Like I said - still reeling!  This tool just can't be
compared to the failed Phrazer. Even Acid pales in comparison.  The one
downside is needing to dedicate a midi floorboard to control all the

Can't imagine Radial surpassing Live but I am eager to try it once it's