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Re: Ableton Live a sEriOuS contender!

In a message dated 1/24/02 2:52:34 PM Eastern Standard Time, PedroFelix@worldnet.att.net writes:

Look out as
that 4/4 groove becomes a 6/8 waltz

this is what scares me.....composition seems to become more dependent on the depth of my programs (almost "chance" composition) than on my own ability to work with notes, sounds, the building blocks of music.....how often do i compose a 6/8 waltz as compared to a 4/4 groove?....i do not mean this as any kind of slam, i would love to get lost in the never ending options available in all these cool sounding programs, my major concern for "myself" is, can i call the end product of sending a loop from my rang thru a bunch o filters etc. a "composition"? its more like an unrepeatable event.....i feel like the kid in the candy store who ate one too many bon-bons after a knob twisting session.....perhaps its the word "composition" thats got me befuddled.....i was just thinking the other day "i hate my music in fact i hate all music" i want a new drug!.....but for the life of me i couldnt find anything to replace the "music" (whatever that is) with.....maybe exercise.....nahhh....:)m