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Thanks for the CDs

Hey Andre,

I just want to say a big thank you for the discs 
you gave me at NAMM. The "Echoplex Solos" CD
is fascinating piece of work. Cut #5 (Entwined) 
and #9 (Diorama) are ones that I even find myself
mentally "humming." The playing is amazing, and 
use of the Echoplex is exemplary. The whole project 
is outstanding. I have listened to them several times 
in a variety of different situations/environments. 
I'm getting quite a kick out of just the listening 
experience alone (not to mention just trying to 
figure out what you're doing).

AND...I take back some of what I said about the 
"Yogi" mixes CD. It rocks! It's interesting to hear 
multiple remixes of the same piece too . . . kind of
educational. I think I can now tell where you've had
your hand in there "slicing and dicing" in ways that 
I couldn't hear at first from listening on the web. 
I still miss your playing . . . but it's waaaaay cool 
anyway. Kind of NIN in a way . . . and something
else I can't quite place. Very, very cool.

Keep up the terrific work,

Best of luck,

Ted Killian