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EDP Vs. Repeater

 I wanted to apologize to anyone I might have offended with my misguided
analogy of David and Goliath in regards to the Repeater vs. EDP discussion.
Thanks to Kim Flint for setting the record strait. My dig at Gibson was
based on past history, which as Kim pointed out has nothing to do with the
current relationship between his company Aurisis (correct spelling?) and
Gibson. And, it could be argued that Gibson kept the EDP from going the way
of the Jamman. Sorry for the ignorance which was based on an assumption and
as they say "Assumption is the mother of all f**k ups. The truth is both
products are fantastic tools, that each have their strengths and are
equally worthy of consideration. I own a Repeater by the good graces and
generosity of my brother Rick, who bought it for me. Otherwise I would
still be using my Jamman. By the way, I have had a few problems with my
Repeater, its a bit finicky, cumbersome live, and I still love it.
 It saddens me that either company would be having financial difficulties,
and that the really cool music tools like these are, for all intents and
purposes, "niche" products, and as such have a limited market. If I had the
cash, I would buy an EDP just to support the company. I also inadvertently
did something that really irritates me when I see others do it, namely,
resort to trashing one product to promote another. The Repeater is no
better than the EDP, just different. What I like about this web site is the
sense of community, which in my humble opinion is sorely lacking in the
music business as a whole. Do I have issues with big music corporations?
You bet I do. But I realize that by attacking Gibson, which certainly isn't
the first or last company that has gobbled up acquisitions and then spit
them out again, I unfairly attacked the designers at Aurisis who put their
heart, souls and brains into what many still consider the Rolls Royce of
 Sorry for the misguided vitriol.
 Don Quixote
 AKA Bill Walker