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Re: moog pedals?

-----Original Message-----
From: William Mcallister <BILLYBUDDHA@webtv.net>

Is there anyone making pedals like the old moog pedals? Something midi?
Thanks, Bill/Las Vegas
Hi Bill,

I'm not aware of anyone making such a beast these days.  I have the Taurus 
($100!!!!) and feel that, with proper EQ at the mixer and a good 
subwoofer, they
do OK.  I'm told the original Taurus has balls!  I like my T2 because I can
drive my ARP2600 simultaneously.

Roland and Fatar make (made?) MIDI pedals.  One octave.  Use 'em to drive a
micromodular or a Peavey Spectrum Synth or Spectrum Bass Synth or whatever 
have on hand.  Get a MIDI-->CV/Gate converter and stack in your modular 
in the mix, too.  Get some MOTM or synthesizers.com (etc.) modules and go


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