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Re: Space Station

>  > I found that the 2120 does a lot of what the Space Station does...but 
>>  quite.  Like I can get a backwards delay going, but I can't mute the
>>  signal.  I thought the upgrade from the 2112 would render my space 
>>  useless, but it wasn't the case.
>Hmm. I could have sworn I've done this before. I'll check when I get home 
>I think you can, but there's a trick to it.

I'd love to know the trick.  When I upgraded from the 2112 to the 
2120 they gave me a manual that didn't go over all the new features, 
like reverse delays.  When I complained to Digitech they said, "oh 

>  >
>>  I've been thinking about putting it in my Repeater's effects loop, but
>>  yet, due to it's mono input.  I bet it would be sonic mayhem.
>I have two mono effects on my repeater, and use the pan to control the 
>mix -
>that way, you get two effects. Come to think of it, I pretty much have all
>my stereo fx sends set up that way :>

Hmmmm that may be the way to go.  There's that Vortex in the mix too. 
Can't have everything, where would you put it (in your signal path)?

Mark Sottilaro