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Digitech 2120 Reverse Delay Parameters

>From the RP21D user manual-

On/Off-    Selects whether the effect is active or

FX Level-  Controls the volume level of the reverse
           delay signal. Ranges from off to 100%

Dry Level- Controls the volume level of the incoming
           source signal, or the signal that has no
           reverse delay effect. Ranges from off to

Balance-   Controls the left/right placement of the
           reversed signal in the stereo field. Ranges
           from l-99(full left) to r-99(full right)
           0 is centered.

Reverse Time-This parameter adjusts the length of time
             for which the effect will record. Range
             dependent upon the processing power
             assigned to the module(5 seconds max with
             full power module).


The FX Level parameter should control the signal input
to the effect. At least that's what this parameter
on other fx on the 2120.

No feedback parameter. It gives a single repeat.
You can work around this to some degree by putting
the reverse delay in front of another delay module
set at the same delay time. I killed a few hours this
morning running the reverse delay into a dual delay
(ping-pong) & playing with the dual delay's feedback

That was kind of fun!



John Tidwell

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