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Kosmos Review...

I use the Kosmos with a Jam Man and my acoustic guitar rig.
It works well for me, but I've never heard the DBX.  The
Kosmos has a separate subwoofer output which is nice for
running to a sub or recording on a separate track.
The Kosmos also has a stereo expansion feature, but I
use it very sparingly....  it boosts the highs a bit much
and starts adding some hiss.  I am currently setting up some
new percussion samples for my MIDI rig and plan on passing
them thru an AG stomp for its mic modeling and effects and
then thru the Kosmos for some punch.  Check out the latest
Electronic Musician (April)  for a review of the Kosmos.
I don't know whether the DBX unit has that separate sub out,
but that is a great feature....  you can send the sub out the mains
as well if you want, but having that additional control is nice....and
it can be recorded onto a separate track for adding during mixdown.

"Reid, Benjamin" wrote:

 Is the new Peavey Kosmos similar? Any opinions on that box? Seemed interesting though I usually stay away from Peavey.
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From: Stan Card [mailto:stanitarium@earthlink.net]
Sent: Monday, April 01, 2002 3:38 PM
To: loopers
Subject: Re: Subharmonic Synth
fer anybody that was @ 'lopstack' real early and heard my little set,that infernal boom!boom!boom! you heard all along w/ the loops was the inimitable dbx120 taking a click track and
      pin it down into the pit!
the dbx 120 is my friend. bigass deep undertones. you can hear my use of one on "ephod" from the original ct cd's, "moth canal" on motive by pseudobuddha & on "underwater" from the underwater cd by dreamland.