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RE: Subharmonic Synth

> I see a few different models- there is a digital one etc- any that are
>  better/worse?

Hi Cliff,
I've been messing about with the new Behringer Virtualizer 2024.
Has a very nice sub oct patch.
It can produce a synthetic bass note which tracks the lowest note 
from the guitar, (but allows chords to be played normally).
You can decide "how far up the neck" you want the effect to go.
This sounds like one of those octave stomp boxes, except that
in only works on the lowest notes.
Tracking is excellent.

Also on the same patch there's also a sort of subharmonic generator
which works even if your speakers don't go down far enough, 
(tricks the ear into hearing a fundamental that isn't really there).
This is very smooth and transparent. Makes the guitar sound
bigger and more bassy.

I haven't tried the DBX units, so can't give you a comparison, but the
Behringer would seem to have more options. (and a cheapo harmoniser
if you want to do sub-oct that way on occasion)

andy butler